In Home Audiology Care

We understand that some patients are unable to come into our clinic for their hearing healthcare. We are excited to now offer our patients care in the safety and comfort of their own home.


Home-Based Care Structure

Step 1: Phone Consultation with a Sonik Audiologist

  • During a 30-minute phone call, your audiologist will ask you questions about your hearing health history, current lifestyle, and listening needs. This will help us determine if home visits are a good option for you.

Step 2: Home Visit(s) by a Sonik Audiologist

  • A Sonik audiologist will come provide hearing health services to you in your home. This will include a complete hearing test as well as a hearing aid demonstration.
  • After the hearing aid demonstration, you and your audiologist can decide which hearing aid is the right fit for you. Depending on your readiness and needs, the hearing aid fitting may be done during the first appointment or at a second appointment in your home.

Step 3: Follow-up Visits via Telehealth and/or Home Visits

  • Two weeks after your hearing aid fitting, you will have your first follow-up appointment with your audiologist. This appointment can be done again in your home or remotely through Telehealth. This is to ensure the hearing aids are sounding clear and fitting comfortably as well as to answer any of your questions or concerns.
  • After your first follow-up, you can decide what sort of maintenance schedule you prefer. We recommend follow-ups at least every six months, but some patients prefer three month checks. We are happy to accommodate whatever schedule helps you feel supported and confident in your hearing health.


To see if you qualify for home-based care, please call our clinic at 312-346-1136 to schedule a phone consultation with one of our audiologists.

Note: Our audiologists are fully-vaccinated and will be wearing N95 masks through the entire duration of your in-home appointment.