Happy New Year! The start of each year can be an opportunity to reflect on our aspirations in life. For many people, “health” is an area that people wish to focus on or improve in some way. Our audiologists at Sonik Hearing have recommended three realistic resolutions you can make today for hearing health. Healthy Hearing Resolutions for 2022: 1. “I will keep my cognitive fitness up by wearing my hearing aids daily for at least 8 hours each day.” Research from Johns Hopkins university has demonstrated that untreated hearing loss is correlated with dementia. If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, the best thing you can do for your overall cognitive health is to not only wear your hearing aids, but use them daily for as many waking hours as possible.

https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/the-hidden-risks-of-hea ring-loss

2. “I will protect my hearing by using ear plugs when I am in noisy environments to prevent my ears from being damaged by sound.” While some causes of hearing loss cannot be prevented, noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable! In general, if you are in an environment where you must raise your voice in order to be heard by someone standing near you, the sound levels are loud enough to cause hearing damage. Common scenarios of dangerously loud sounds include concerts, bars, sporting games, using power tools, movie theaters, and firework shows. Consider carrying a reusable pair of high-fidelity ear plugs with you so you can protect your hearing at a moment’s notice. There are many affordable and comfortable options available. We recommend Etymotic ER-20s, which can be ordered at the link below.


3. “I will leave ear wax alone in my ear canals, or see an audiologist for professional wax removal if needed.” A little ear wax (aka cerumen) is a good thing; it moisturizes and protects your ear canal from bacteria and even insects. Most people do not need to remove wax from their ears as it will naturally be expelled outwards from the canal if left undisturbed. However, some people produce wax faster than it is expelled from the canal (and this is particularly common with hearing aid wearers). If you think you have too much wax in your ears, it is best to see an audiologist for wax removal as they are trained to conduct this procedure properly and safely. Please refrain from using q-tips, bobby pins, ear candles, or any other gadgets in your ears. At-home wax removal could result in pushing the existing wax deeper into the canal and/or damaging your eardrum. If you have any questions about how to invest in your hearing health, please call our clinic at 312-346-1136 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed audiologists. From all of us at Sonik Hearing Care Services, we wish you healthy hearing for 2022 and beyond!