I had one of the best experiences with SoniK Hearing Care Services. Dr. Lata Jain is not only a knowledgeable and skilled professional but is also very caring and patient. She goes the extra mile to offer quality care, diagnosis and solutions. All the staff is very professional, values your time, and the facility is up-to-date. Highly recommend for all your hearing needs!!


They deserve infinite plus stars. Everyone has gone above & beyond with their service as well as time. Dr. Jain has even taken the time to be in personal contact via the phone & an email. She has also made multiple special trips to ensure hearing perfection. Top notch all around. We have found true expertise & excellence! We have renamed it fondly ‘The Diamond Center’ as it is a definite gem. You all are amazing!!!!!! Thank you, thank you & thank you!!!!!!


I was referred by my insurance company and I couldn’t be happier. Excellent, professional consultation to find the perfect hearing aids for my lifestyle. Dr Switzer was knowledgeable & very helpful and the follow up care made sure everything was perfect. Highly recommend!


Excellent care at SoniK Hearing Care Services. Dr. Jain is very knowledgeable and listens to her patients. She is careful to be attentive to a patient's wants, but still guide them to what is needed. She patiently explains to them what her rationale is for the different steps in the treatment.


I was very satisfied that level of detailed care and compassionate customer service my father received at Sonik Hearing. We are completely 100% satisfied with the devices and external recourses that were provided. Thank you! Highly recommended to anyone in search of quality service and equipment.


The staff at SoniK Hearing Care have been excellent to work with. I’ve worn hearing aids for 30 years and this is one of the best providers I’ve experienced. My new devices have made a significant improvement in my ability to hear in difficult situations and have been an excellent enhancement to daily interactions. Specifically, Dr. Jain has been great with answering my questions and offering solutions. She also has enhanced my knowledge of the process of adjusting the devices to get the best results. I feel like I’m well cared for at this facility!


Dr. Lata Jain has and the entire staff at Sonik have been consistently great over the years I've gone there for hearing aid service. I trust her and the hearing aids I have received have been dependable and perform great. Trust is super important when you get fitted with new hearing aids because of the inevitable small adjustments that are needed. You have to speak your mind if things are not working as well as you want. She listens and is responsive to feedback and makes the adjustments quickly. She is always very competent and professional. Two thumbs up!


About a month ago, a friend recommended SoniK when I mentioned that I thought my hearing was getting worse. I’ve been hard of hearing all my life and the single hearing aid I had provided some improvement. But lately I was having a lot more trouble in business meetings and understanding everday conversation. I figured my hearing was unfortunately on a downward slope.

I went to SoniK and, after testing my hearing, Dr. Jain had me try new hearing aids. The results were dramatic and wonderful. (Your results may vary.) For the first time in forever, I can hear out of both ears and can participate in conversations in a way that has been missing from my life for decades.

How many times could you say that a single appointment changed your life for the better? If you’re looking for an audiologist to evaluate your hearing or think you might need hearing aids I strongly recommend SoniK.


Very high level, professional and competent hearing aid services are routine aspect at SoniK Hearing Care Services. This company and their very skilled staff have been in business for many years and will help you choose just the right hearing aids for you. You will love the hearing aids you receive there and you will bask in the warm and welcoming family setting that is both reassuring and delightful. No one wants to admit that they really need hearing aids. Believe me, all your friends and family know quite well that you are hearing impaired! Go see Larry Habel and his fine staff to get your hearing back. Enjoy life again!


Dr. Jain was fantastic! My daughter had failed her in school screening twice so I was very worried, however Dr. Jain was able to comfort me and perform extensive tests on her which showed that she had normal hearing after all. Her facility is very clean and welcoming. Thank you Dr. Jain!


Dr. Jain have been providing for my hearing care for a few years now. She provides her professional service without any coercive marketing pitch or persuasion but rather provides complementary advice and information with empathy. For last 3 years or so, she and her staff conducted my hearing tests for free and kept me apprised of the situation with my gradual hearing loss. They check with the insurance provider and suggest the best course of action for me. No, I do not need to be on hold with the insurance provider and do not need to understand the insurance jargon. In my view, Dr. Jain and her staff are the best you can find in Chicago, and recommend to anyone with vigor and utmost certainty.


I always knew I had a hearing problem but was too scared to actually get confirmation that I needed hearing aids. I was so concerned with the appearance of wearing hearing aids. Dr. Jain was so personal and understood my concern. She made me feel comfortable and showed me the latest technology that actually blends in with my complexation to where they are barely noticeable to others. I have to admit, after wearing the hearing aids for several months, I stopped wearing them. I began to have trouble at work hearing my boss and was missing important information. He was beginning to become frustrated with me so I had to come to the reality that I just needed to wear the hearing aids. I recently had a six month follow-up/check up with Dr. Jain and she again encouraged me. Today, I am wearing my hearing aids. I shared with my boss that I have begun to wear the hearing aids again in hopes that I will now alleviate his frustration. I have owned up to my reality that I just need a little help hearing. Hearing aids really are not that bad and I actually forget that I am even wearing them at times. There is an app that is also helpful with the operation of the tone/volume of the hearing aids. I highly recommend SoniK Hearing. Thank you Dr. Jain for making me feel good about myself again!


Been a client for almost 3 years. Dr Jain is an amazing person, very professional and who goes out of her way to make one feel comfortable. Office staff is friendly and eager to assist with any problems. Very happy with my hearing improvement.