Hearing Aid Repair

Despite advancements in today’s technology, hearing aids are prone to damage. That’s because the tiny, intricate devices live in a very hostile environment full of moisture, germs and earwax. As such, it’s perfectly normal for hearing aids to act up every now and then. In fact, most hearing aids last about five to seven years before requiring replacement.

No matter where you buy your hearing aid, we can help you with on-going maintenance, adjustments, real-ear verifications, hearing tests, and hearing aid repairs to improve your hearing to its maximum.

Common problems

If your hearing aids begin to act up, rest assured knowing the clinicians and team at Sonik Hearing Care Services will be there to help repair any issue that’s causing your hearing aid to act up.

Common hearing aid issues include:

  • No sound
  • Static or feedback
  • Squeaking

If you should experience one of these issues, call us and one of our trusted healthcare professionals will walk you through some simple steps to see if they can help you fix the hearing aid on the spot, without coming into the office.  Some common tips and tricks that individuals can try at home include:

  • Testing the batteries
  • Replacing the batteries
  • Cleaning the hearing aids
  • Cleaning the tubing
  • Cleaning one’s ears/removing excess earwax

If these at-home tips and tricks fail to fix the hearing aids, it is important to make an appointment with us to bring your hearing aids in for proper diagnosis.

Professional repairs

We are equipped to repair many minor issues. For larger issues, however, we work with hearing aid manufactures to get professional help with hearing aids repairs.  It’s important that our customers feel taken care of, which is why we work with manufacturers to ensure warranties are honored. Most hearing aids come with warranties a, which cover many issues, repairs and services. If the warranty is expired or the hearing aids did not have one, repairs are still possible, though they likely will cost more money. We will work with our patients to figure out the best plan of action for broken hearing aids, which can include repair or replacement.

The professionals at Sonik Hearing Care Services will provide a patient with additional details upon making an appointment for repairs.