If you’ve recently been given a pair of hearing aids, then you might be finding it difficult to adjust to your new lifestyle. While it can be liberating to hear again, it might also be stressful getting used to them. They might feel uncomfortable, the volume might be slightly off and you might hear sounds that are distracting you.

Most people don’t realize that there is an adjustment period for hearing aids. It can take anywhere from a few days to months to be able to wear them with confidence, so here are three simple ways to help you adjust to your hearing aids.

1. Take it slowly

It’s understandable that you want to get used to your hearing aids as soon as possible. Sadly, rushing into it can be disastrous and it might make it even more difficult to adjust to them. You want to take it slowly and not rush or else you’ll end up feeling pressured or stressed out due to your hearing aids.

Start by wearing them only for a couple of hours each day. Don’t worry about wearing them for long periods of time, just focus on getting comfortable with your hearing aids and only wear them when needed. Make sure you get plenty of rest as well and pace yourself. Try out your hearing aids in different environments such as a quiet park, and then try it in a store. The more you rush yourself into adjusting to them, the harder it will be.

2. Getting the right fit

Did you know that there are dozens of different types of hearing aids? Your audiologist may not have discussed your options with you, so it’s a good idea to speak to them about different choices. For instance, if your audiologist gave you a pair of behind-the-ear hearing aids, then they might feel uncomfortable because they weigh down on your ear. The solution is to get a different type of hearing aid, such as a smaller in-the-ear variety that is lighter, less bulky and still provides the same level of noise amplification that you need.

Some hearing aids are made to custom-fit your ear canal, so don’t forget to explore your options by speaking with your audiologist. If you find that your hearing aids aren’t comfortable enough, then they’ll have other options for you.

3. Accepting your hearing loss

You might be surprised to hear that many people have trouble accepting the fact they have hearing loss. They might be overwhelmed by the changes they’re going through and they might have a hard time mustering up the courage and positive attitude needed to make the adjustments.

Try and learn to accept that you have hearing loss. It’s difficult and could be distressing, but if you want to continue with your life and move on then you’ll need to accept the reality of hearing loss and to embrace the use of hearing aids in your everyday life.